We believe that hard work plus a positive attitude equals success. For that reason, we're dedicated to training our players to exercise these characteristics. When our players step foot on the court, not only do they learn how to dribble, run, and shoot, but they also learn how to keep their eyes on the goal and be a part of a team. That's what basketball is, and that's what we teach.

Train Hard

Play Smart

Win Fearlessly


Jalen Graham

Jalen Graham

Playmaker '19

"I've been a part of the playmakers since I was in 3rd grade, and they've always been more like a family than just a team. They've helped me become the man and player that I am today and I still keep in contact with my former teammates and coaches."

Marcus Bailey

Marcus Bailey

Playmaker '15

"The Playmakers are much more than a basketball team. This is a family that goes far beyond basketball and will help you throughout all aspects of life."

Kyle LeGreair

Kyle LeGreair

Playmaker '20

"The playmakers have been home to me since the 3rd grade and have taught me skills that go far beyond the basketball court. The coaches within the organization were key to my success on the court and key to my development as a young man. It's safe to say I wouldn't be in the position I am today without the Playmakers, and I am forever grateful."


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